We are proud to be able to state that we have a hand in creating and developing the current legal principles of Guarantee law (aka Performance or Surety Bonds) and are we the leaders in South Africa in this field.

As a specialised practice we are in the unique position to consult, advise, negotiate and prepare contracts and instruments required by our clients for their businesses to prosper. Drawing from our expertise in property, insurance, guarantee and construction law we are fully conversant with the risk aspect of modern day business and ensure that we not only limit our client’s risks but also ensure that they have the freedom to conduct their businesses to develop in an ever-changing business and legal environment.

We advise various Financial Institutions who provide Guarantee Facilities to their clients in regards to:

  • Minimising of Risk, insurance and reinsurance treaties
  • Adequate collateral, security and indemnities
  • Guarantee/Performance/Surety Bond liability and exposure
  • Project salvaging in order to minimise exposure that may be incurred by liability in terms of Guarantees
  • Evaluating and where necessary defending claims by beneficiaries under guarantees]
  • Registration of Mortgage and Notarial bonds

Due to our immense exposure and extensive experience obtained over more than 2 decades in the Construction, Guarantee, Dispute Resolution and Business Rescue fields we have invariably become proficient in:

  • The creation of companies
  • Negotiation and Drafting of various agreements which include, but is not limited to:

o      Shareholders’ and members agreements

o      Sales of shares and members’ interest agreements

o      Sales of business agreements

o      Loan Agreements

o      Credit Agreements in terms of the National Credit Act

o      Lease Agreements, residential and commercial

o      Commercial agreements in general

o      Joint Venture and Partnership Agreements

o      Product Sale Agreements

o      Franchising Agreements

o      Distribution Agreements

o      Employment Agreements

o      Surety Agreements

o      Indemnity Agreement

o      Confidentiality Agreements

o      Restrain of Trade

o      Health and Safety Agreements

o      Cession Agreements

  • Transfer of immovable property
  • Registration of Mortgage and Notarial bonds